Valma ja Varsinaiset

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Valma & Varsinaiset (2010-) is known for their captivating on-stage performance and haunting storytelling. Their music is based on something profoundly Finnish: honesty, solemnity and also humor. There are several influences which can be heard in their music, such as folk, chanson, country, pop and classical music. Their songs are mainly written by the lead singer Vilma Talvitie, and the band has together created fresh arrangements out of them. One of the most distinctive elements of Valma & Varsinaiset’s music is their heavenly singing harmonies. The songs tell about life, including its downsides and sorrow, without forgetting the ultimate joy of living. The band published their first long play album in 2012 and they are going to release their second one in the spring 2015.

You can order Valma & Varsinaiset´s CD by sending a text message to Lauri +358 405251198. Include the number of CD´s and your address in the message. The CD costs 20 € (including the postage to Finland).