is a singer-songwriter, who took a different goal in her musical life after going through several years of classical piano training. After been selected to study music education at Sibelius Academy, she lost herself in the world of folk music and afro-american music tradition. At that time she started to write her own songs with a great haste. Vilma has always been enchanted by legends, human fates and functions of the human mind. She seeks to encourage her audiences to think life deeper than the surface and dare to feel all kinds of emotions. Songwriting, performing and dancing are powerful assets for Vilma. During her leisure time she travels around the world, practices yoga and watches TV-documentaries.

Sannis, violinist of Valma & Varsinaiset, also sings, plays percussions, and composes for the band. At the age of 6, she started violin lessons, produced her own musicals with her friends and held jam sessions with her siblings and her father. After upper secondary school she began her studies at the department of music education in Sibelius Academy. In performing, the most important part for Sannis is being present in the moment as well as the encountering of audience and other musicians on stage. For Sannis, Valma & Varsinaiset is a playground of creativity. Being an almost graduated master of music, Sannis teaches a third grade class in the town of Tuusula. When she is off-duty, she practices yoga enthusiastically.

Laura’s musical career began imitating her older siblings and parents playing music. In the beginning of her studies of violin, her favorite hobby was to open and close the violin case dozens of times a day. For a long time piano was her primary instrument, but when Laura attended Mauno Järvelä’s folk music courses, her inspiration for violin got reborn. For her, the most important thing in making music is to have joy and freedom while you play. In her free time Laura makes home projects, such as sowing broken wool socks, organizing the garderobe, exploring the family tree and manufacturing her own maracas.

Reetta’s first musical instruments were the piano and the violin. For a little while she studied viola at the Turku University of applied sciences, after which she caught the double bass fever at Mauno Järvelä’s folk music course. Studying music education has turned out to be just the right choice for her; now she gets to play whatever she can think of, if only she just had the time for it all. Reetta’s very accurate ear and the ability to sing harmonies have brought a lot of benefit and joy to Varsinaiset. All her most beloved things such as friends, folk music and the joy of making music are put succesfully together in the band. Reetta also plays in a band called Pikku Papun Orkesteri. During her leisure she teaches, plays the guitar, takes care of her tortoises and makes plans on going for a jog.

Lauri is a multi-instrumentalist raised by curiosity, stubbornness and wide-ranging education. The years spent with classical music and pop/rock music during his childhood and adolescence, supplemented with folk music later on, have formed the cornerstones of his musicianship. Lauri brings posture to the female-driven band as a percussionist, a guitarist and a singer. He is also known for his remarkable skill of whistling. Alongside Varsinaiset, he has a band called Hongisto, which plays his own music. Lauri gives credit to all kinds of music, provided that there’s some heart and dedication put in it. He likes to spend his free time outdoors and taking walks in the forest, but he also masters the skill of resting.